Wednesday, 3 July 2013



Growth a noun meaning amongst other things;
the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase.

To me the above sentence relates to many aspects of what it is or means to “grow your own”. I enjoy the satisfaction of picking edibles or beautiful things from the garden and wish to do this wonderful course sometime soon.


new growth and old
speed of growth varies, an avocado takes around 7 years to fruit, a lemon 2 years and mint is ready within a few months, all of which no matter the time taken to produce give great satisfaction



  1. so, this is another one of your blog,helen? just found it by accident.
    i have several avocado growing at the moment but no lemon. i should try lemon seed.

    nice to meet you caroline.

    1. I have seen your avocado, so much bigger than mine, I have tried to grown another but to no avail, they won't sprout. Yes I grew the lemon from seed take out of a lemon I cooked with, I cut off the outer shell then left it on a wet tissue for a week to germinate and then planted it and it grew, a year old now

  2. i would like to try growing an avocado.
    must be a beautiful process to watch and care.
    beautiful close ups.

    1. growing an avocado I think maybe you treat it a little like a baby, ha ha

  3. Thank you for reading our new blog, we are both enjoying this new venture and appreciate your comments. Nice to meet you too Coco as I have heard a lot about you from Helen.
    Thanks Evdokia for your comments, I know you are a fan of Helen's other blog so I am grateful that you have looked at this one.
    Caroline x