Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather, who knows how long it will last but I feel that summer has arrived and with it an array of jewel colours in the garden that can only belong to this fleeting time of year. Heres a few pictures of the things making me smile at the moment.

We have been so incredibly fortunate to be enjoying a weeks holiday at the moment during a time in which the UK is experiencing a 'proper' summer. I am having a lovely break and have been travelling around the North, from Lincolnshire to Bramley to Ilkely to Ramsbottom to Penwortham to Charnock Richard to Penrith and then back home to Crosby.

During a walk in Ilkey we went across the tops to Addingham and walked in an area known for wild Orchids. We saw the beautiful Dactylorhiza purpurella (northern marsh orchid) it was a spectacular sight.

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  1. beautiful flowers and colors!
    enjoy your summer weather girls!