Wednesday, 17 July 2013



I have come back off a holiday and reluctantly settled into a habit of procrastination due to the ever burdening realisation that we are moving house and I must pack up all my treasures. I hate moving house because of all the belongings I have, but I love objects and things, beautiful things. William Morris once said "have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" trouble is I find everything both beautiful and useful. 
In amongst my mayhem and panic I have discovered the sweet peas I am growing in doors have begun to show their beauty and my first flower is poking it's petals out, I felt happy and peaceful for a moment and forgot the feeling I have had these past few days.


As a way to escape the rat race and pressures of life I decided to take on an allotment space (the sunshine does crazy things to you). In my head I have visions of the space looking something along these lines...

And for it to eventually feature in a book similar to this one however the reality is this...

My budget is pretty much £0.00 and I will likely have to resort to begging, stealing and borrowing but when you have an assistant like this it cant be all bad.


  1. just a look to an animal or a plant
    calms me always.

    caroline i wish you to create your
    place as the one in the book!

  2. Thank you very much I think it will be a lot of hard work but hopefully worth it. I agree that plants can have a very positive effect on your soul.
    Caroline x